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Welcome to St. Louis Academy of Dance

Showtime 2012 - 6

St. Louis Academy of Dance was founded over three decades ago. Each year, we have added new classes to meet the needs of dancers - all ages and all talent levels. Our staff excitedly presents an iviting educational program with the most up-to-date choreography and music in the art of dance. Every movement, exercise, and dance is taught with the intention of giving you (and/or your child) the pleasure of accomplishment and satisfaction. The SLAD staff gives toddlers, children, teens and adults the love and attention that builds beautiful dancers. Our methods of teaching build self-esteem and memories that last a lifetime - no matter when you begin. So, together - LET'S DANCE and enjoy!

Important Date Reminders for SLAD!

• OCT 25-31 - Dress Up Week!
• NOV 1-15 - Sign Up for Showtime 2017
• NOV 5 - Triple Master Class ( Level 2 and Up )
• NOV 5-12 - Observation Week
• NOV 13 - Dance-A-Thon!

Upcoming Classes, Events and Workshops

St. Louis Academy of Dance will be offering some great programs and events for our dancers. Please feel free to click on the flyers below to view a larger version!

Triple Master Class

2016-2017 Classes

St. Louis Academy of Dance offers numerous dance classes for all skills and age groups. Below are the class categories that we are currently enrolling for now. Click on the class name below to find out more about the class, levels and times.



"SLAD is a breath of fresh air when it comes to dance studios. I appreciate that with even the youngest kids they actually instruct ballet and work on technique rather than just letting the preschoolers play in a leotard and tights. The highlight of our year is Showtime because it is amazing to see such young kids’ talent on stage. It is simply amazing what they are able to accomplish in a year and is a professional performance that far exceeds my expectations each year! I also appreciate that the costumes are always tasteful and respectful of their age."

Erin T.